Random Internet Gems: Alessia “Here”

Totally feeling this tune. Firstly the sample which is an Isaac Hayes standard was also used by portishead to great effect. She has a great vocal instrument but rides the beat with a power and urgency that makes it beautiful. She also avoids the trap of singing about the hedonistic nihilism of present day youthful drug culture. She in a sense is making an existential statement standing away from the crowd and creating her own world

Read This!! New African Author Alain Mabanckou

The story of african literature is littered with the names of giants form the past like Nigeria’s Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka or Ngugi Wa Thiongo. For a while I never searched out newer voices until Chimamadie Ngozi Adichie not only opened up the flood gates but introduced the trials and tribulations of working class moderately successful africans. All of a sudden our trials tribulations and aspirations as modern africans were put in focus. Gone were the stories of living in huts and herding cattle. Instead you had modern africans who had bills, mortgages and cars grappling with what it means to be human in todays fast changing world. Below i came upon this link to an article in the guardian about an exciting author named Alain Mabanckou. His story grapples with the hubris of post colonial  in the 1970’s in which people dabble in a confusing all brit interesting respect of communism while still loving the spoils of capitalism. Its a book that grapples with a global Africa populated by indian merchants, Chinese people and western movies. Its a fresh take on what it means to be timelessly african.


Peep this: Hitters Documentary About street dancing in New York

I saw this during my daily routine of scouring my favorite blogs and websites for inspireion in  a life polluted by chores, obligations and worrying about the future. I had a little time to waste before my class so i sat and peeped this. Made me feel inspired as hell and reminded me of my younger days when dancing was something you did spontaneously without a thought or care in the world. You danced because you felt your soul being liberated and you got things off your chest using your body. This documentary shot in beautiful black and white captures the intricate beauty of street dancing in New York. Of course the ghostfacekillah & badbadnotgood soundtrack gives this short doc a quiet contemplative quality. Especially as these street dancers discuss how this art form saved their lives and helped them redirect the pent up frustration of modern life in america’s modern day urban jungles. Really worth watching made my day a lot easier to handle.